I am a psychologist, neuroscientist and professor of Translational Social Neuroscience at the University of Würzburg (Germany). We study how social interactions shape human motivation, learning and behavior, and how they can be used as a tool for the diagnosis and therapy of psychological disorders, e.g., from the anxiety disorder spectrum. Our approach integrates neuroscience, social and experimental psychology, and behavioral economics. We use a range of methods including brain imaging, computational modeling, and behavioral experiments.

Our work is funded by the German Research Foundation.


Grit Hein, PhD
Univ.-Professor of Translational Social Neuroscience
Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy
University of Würzburg
Margarete-Höppel-Platz 1
97080 Würzburg / Germany
email: Hein_G at ukw.de